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MUDRA Loan Application Form Online And Offline 

MUDRA Loan Application Form Online And Offline 

MUDRA is a scheme by the central government of India. The main agenda of the scheme is to provide small amount of loan to the people to set up their business. Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd or MUDRA provides loan up to Rs. 10 Lac. There are private as well as public banks that are channelizing the loan under the scheme. The application form for the same will be available with these banks.

How to get online form

Online form for the MUDRA yojana is available in the official website of the banks listed under the scheme. More than 70 banks including rural, public and private banks are listed under the scheme. People can get online forms from their official websites.

This link will redirect the applicant to the online form under MUDRA loan. People can take out print of this form and apply for the loan following other criteria.  

How to get offline form

As mentioned there are more than 70 banks that are listed under the scheme. All of the banks have their branches everywhere. Applicants can visit the nearest branches to get the form for the scheme. Forms can be available in following places,

  1. No of private banks under this scheme: 17
  2. No of public banks under this scheme: 27
  3. No of regional rural banks under this scheme: 31
  4. No of non-banking institutions under this scheme: 25
  5. No of co-operative banks under this scheme: 4
  6. No of micro financing organisations under this scheme: 36

One can visit any of the above mentioned institution or bank branches to get the offline form. Along with needful documents, applicant can submit the application form in the branches as well.

Application form for Shishu MUDRA loan

There are three types of MUDRA loans that the banks are providing, Shishu loan, Tarun Loan and Kishor Loan. Shishu loan is a small amount of loan up to Rs. 50, 000/-. The form for Shishu loan is available in all the banks and their branches. According to the rule of MUDRA 60% loans under MUDRA is Shishu loan and the rest 40% will be under Tarun and Kishore loan.

  • The application form for the Shishu loan is available here

Download the form and fill it up with mandatory information.

  • Along with important documents people must submit this form to the nearest bank branches. Alongside the applicant must be well prepared with their new business plans. Depending on their plan and future perspective the loan amount will be granted.

Application form for Kishor MUDRA loan

40% of the total MUDRA loan will be provided under Kishor and Tarun MUDRA loan. In Kishor loan from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 5, 00,000/- will be provided. This is for a moderately bigger business under small scale industry. For the Kishor loan, like shishu loan, the applicant must fill up the online form or offline form and submit it to the bank branch. KYC or know-your-customer is mandatory for all the three types of loan application.

Application form for Tarun MUDRA loan

In Tarun MUDRA loan the amount ranges from Rs. 5, 00,000/- to Rs. 10, 00,000/-. This one is the highest loan amount section in the MUDRA. Business Instalment Loans or BILL can be given under Tarun loan. In this case the applicant can buy heavy machines, plants and units for setting up their business. Application form for the same is available in the bank branches and in their websites all over India.



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