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Accident Benefit Scheme Karnataka

Accident Benefit Scheme Karnataka 2019 [Amount, Application Form]

The Karnataka government has launched a new scheme called Accident Benefit Scheme. The objective of the scheme is to give special attention to the unorganized workers of the state. Due to the scheme, recently a family of a driver received 5 lakh rupees as compensation.  Earlier the amount o compensation was 2 lakh rupees only; due to the intervention of Unorganized Worker Social Security Board of Karnataka the amount was increased. The detail of the scheme is stated below in a tabular manner.

Accident Benefit Scheme Karnataka

Launch table

Name of the scheme Accident Benefit Scheme
Month of launch July 2019
Launched by CM BS Yediyurappa
Launched in Karnataka
Target people Private Vehicles Transport Workers

Key features of the scheme

  • Monetary assistance- The scheme will offer 5 lakh rupees to the driver’s family who was affected by the road accident. The amount has increased by the state government as per the report.
  • Other assistance- The Unorganized Worker Social Security Board of Karnataka said that government will provide other assistance besides financial assistance like; free education for the children of the driver.
  • The financial assistance for education- According to the report, the children of the affected drivers, who belong to the grade between I to PU II will receive the amount of rupees 10,000 rupees as assistance.
  • Coverage of the scheme- To make the scheme effective the state government of Karnataka has allotted adequate amount o money for the 7.78 lakh commercial driver of the state.
  • Benefits of the scheme- According to the report, around 83 drivers who were involved in road accidents, their families got compensation. The total amount of compensation the state spent on the driver’s family is 82 lakh rupees.

Eligibility criteria

  • Proof of driving- To avail the benefit of the scheme, the drivers require updated license. As due to the non updated license several cases were rejected.
  • Proof of being a close family member- In order to avail the benefit, only the driver’s parents, wife or children are allowed for application. The authority will not entertain the application siblings of the driver.
  • Residential proof- The driver needs to be the resident of Karnataka and not only that he need to be worker in the state.

Documents Required

  • Residential proof- The family members need to produce ID cards to prove that they are from the state of Karnataka.
  • Proof for being a close family member- During the time of application the family member needs to very close to the driver. As being a family member you need to produce proof that validates your relation with the driver.
  • Driving license- To avail the benefit of the scheme you need to produce driving license that is updated.

Application Form Procedure

As the scheme is a newly launched scheme the detail of application has not come out yet. As soon as the procedure is declared we will keep you updated.

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