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Asom Darshan Scheme in Assam

Asom Darshan Scheme in Assam

Assam is located in the North-Easter part of India. The lofty mountains, lush green valleys and tea gardens add to the beauty of the state. The natural beauty of the state attracts many national and international tourists. The state government generates massive revenue from the tourism department. However, not all the tourist sites are in good shape. The current state government is trying to restore the beauty of these natural and historic tourist spots. In this line, the Assam government officially implemented the Asom Darshan Scheme.

The development of this project has been done under the watchful eyes of the current Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal. The Assam Finance Minister has announced that the scheme during the state budget 2020. The Chief Minister visited the Veterinary College Ground, located at Khanapara. During this event, the Chief Minister launched the project officially on the 24th of February, 2020.

The Chief Minister of Assam stated that the development of this scheme has been done to ensure that the natural, architectural and historical tourist spots are properly looked after. However, stress will be given on the restoration and the maintenance of the religious tourist spots in the state. These religious sites are vital from the cultural and historical stand point. The authority has already mentioned that 915 religious sites have been shortlisted.

Temples, satras, nnamghars, masjids and mazars, and churches come in this list. The restoration of 316 picnic spots will be carried out under this scheme. The Assam Finance Department has already sanctioned Rs. 710 crore for the successful operation of this restoration project.

The state government officials have highlighted that the scheme has four major components. These will ensure that the state government will get the satisfactory results. The first aspect highlights that the religious tourist institutes will receive a yearly grant under this project. The second aspect of the scheme will pave the path for the improvement of the historical and natural significance and charm of the places with correct restoration measures. The third aspect is associated with the betterment of the infrastructure of the sites. Lastly, the state government will constrict roads to eliminate connectivity issues.

Earlier, it had been highlighted in the scheme guidelines that the religious institutes will be given Rs. 2 lakhs. However, the state official have recently announced that the grant amount has been increased to Rs. 10 lakhs. Under this scheme, the listed tourist places will get a substantial amount for the construction of modern restrooms. It will be convenient for the tourists.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the implementation of this project will not only ensure the restoration of the tourist sites, but will also promote Assam as a heaven for tourists. Easy access to the necessary facilities, and better connectivity, will increase the tourism activities in the state. The inflow of more foreign tourists means better opportunities for revenue generation for the state government. Thus, it is a significant step that has been taken by the Assam government.

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