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Fishermen will get interest free loans in Karnataka 

Fishermen will get interest free loans in Karnataka 

The chief Minister of the state Siddaramaiah had recently announced that the state government will be providing fishermen with interest free loans. The CM also made it very clear that the official announcement would be soon made by the government officials in the State Budget for next year.

Implementation Details

  • The official announcement was made by the CM on 8th Jan 2018 in an event while inaugurating a function for laying foundation stone at Sadhana Samavesha.
  • According to the statements made the state cabinet will also make the announcement official in the next Budget for the fiscal year. The announcement was made in the assembly constituency after the approval by the CM.

Key Features

  • The loan facility that was offered to the fishermen initially was being charged with 4 percent interest rate by the state government. According to the latest implementations the state government will try and make the interest free loan for the fishermen under the same scheme.
  • The announcement was also that there have been recommendations made by the state government to the centre that the fishermen should be offered the ST status. Apart from this the state government has also made recommendations for converting CRZ -3 to CRZ -2 zone, so that the fishermen could also get the benefit of building houses.
  • He also added that the welfare schemes are being looked up as the tools of the weaker sections of the society. He was also aiming to make the state as fully hunger free where every one would get two times meals facility.
  • The statements were also made that with the implementation of the scheme the state farmers have also managed to increase the supply of milk made to the KMF (Karnataka Milk Federation) from 50 liters to over 75 liters. The farmers are also provided with subsidy for the same scheme.
  • The government has also made the statements that with increase in the agricultural produce the farmers have managed to increase their income by 38 percent overall.
  • Over 1.82 lakhs of pit has been dug by the state government for agricultural use to help farmers of the state. The statements also supported that over 10 lakh women benefited from scheme for nutritional food.
  • According to statements made government has established canteens for providing with free lunch and breakfast for implementation of arogya scheme.

In the inauguration event the state CM had made it very clear that in the present time the state government is aiming at improving the facilities provided to the needy people of the state.

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