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[Apply] Kayakalp Yojana 2019

Kayakalp Yojana 2019[Guidelines, Application Form Process, Eligibility]

The central government has implemented several schemes, which are targeted towards developing the health care facilities in the country. But the government hospitals, community treatment centers and primary health care centers lack adequate sanitation. It is an alarming situation and needs proper corrective measures. In this line, the central government had launched a unique scheme. The Kayakalp Yojana aimed to improve the sanitary and hygiene facilities of the state-run and aided treatment centers. The central government wanted to boost these by offering excellence certificate and cash reward for the treatment centers, which perform exceptionally. In this article, you will read about the salient features, eligibility and winner selection process.

Kayakalp Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Kayakalp Yojana
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Date of announcement May 2015
Announced by J. P. Nadda
Target beneficiaries Public health care facilities in the country
Supervised by Minister for Health and Family Welfare

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of health care facilities – The primary objective of the scheme is to encourage the state hospitals and primary health care centers to strive to offer better treatment for the common people.
  2. Stress on sanitation and hygiene – The state-run hospitals and PHC centers do not have proper sanitary facilities. The implementation of the scheme will encourage such treatment centers to install necessary facilities to amp up the hygiene levels.
  3. Implement bio-waste disposal mechanisms – It has been highlighted in the scheme that the applying health care institutes need to develop a sound bio-waste disposal unit within the premises.
  4. Foster team work – The scheme also aims at developing a sense of team work among the people who work in the health care sector. These people can come together and take the initiative to offer better treatment to patients and improve the sanitary levels.
  5. Number of awards to be issued – The central government has highlighted that the applicants will be grouped under five winning categories for excellent service in health care from every state. Two positions will be allocated for the district level treatment institutes. Other two positions will be reserved for sub-district or community level state-run hospitals. The top performing PHCs will from every district will also get a cash prize and a certificate.
  6. Cash prize and certificate for the winners – The selected winners of the scheme will attain cash prize from the central government. Additionally, the winning health care institutes will also attain an excellence certificate.
  7. Winner selection according to performance – The central health department will assess the previous and current condition of the hospitals and health care centers. The inspectors will also check if the service quality has boosted. The performance score will be generated on these parameters. The highest scorers will be declared as the winners.
  8. Financial reward for significant medical service – The selection committee will also make a list of district, sub-district and PHC centers from every district, which have missed the top spots but have done a commendable job. Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 1 lakh will be awarded to such district and community hospitals respectively. The top PHC center will be awarded Rs. 50,000.  
  9. Association with NGOs – It is not possible for the hospital and health care center staff to implement the cleanliness and hygiene measures. Thus, they need to join hands with the registered NGOs and other such organizations, which will help in improving the service quality.
  10. Association with local political leaders and common people – During the official announcement of the scheme, the minister highlighted for the successful implementation of the scheme, the local MPs and MLAs will also have to take an active part. Even the common people must point out the issues so that the health care centers can take the necessary steps to rectify the errors.

Cash reward as per different categories

Sl No. Winning Category Number Of Winners Cash Reward Amount
1 Best District Hospitals 2 top hospitals from each district Rs. 50 lakhs for 1st rank holder Rs. 20 lakhs for 2nd rank holder
2 Best Sub-District or Community Treatment Institutes 2 top treatment institutes from each district Rs. 15 lakhs for 1st rank holder Rs. 10 lakhs for 2nd rank holder
3 Best Primary Health Care Center One from every district Rs. 1 lakh

Eligibility for the beneficiaries

  1. Only for state-run hospitals and health care centers – There is only one criterion to become a part of the scheme. It is open only for the hospitals and health care centers, which are operated by the state health department.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Registration certificate from health department – If any district hospital or health care center wants to apply for the scheme, then it must possess the official registration documents, issued by the health department of the respective state government.
  2. Address documents – The applying health care institute needs to attach address documents with the re-enrollment form.

Application and selection process

  1. Notification for registration – The district hospitals and primary treatment centers need to get in touch with the Health and Family Welfare department of the respective state.
  2. Application process – The officers of the department will provide an application form and take down the details of the applying medical center.
  3. Supervision of the medical center – Once the application process is complete, the health care officers will visit the health care centers and district hospitals regularly to note down the improvements.
  4. Report and performance assessment – During the selection of the final winners, these reports will be assessed by the high placed officers of the health department in the central government.
  5. Selection and declaration of winners – After deliberation, the winners will be selected as per their performance, and the certificate and cash reward will be handed over during an official ceremony.

Many people do not opt for the government run health care institutes’ services due to low sanitary factors. The implementation of the scheme was able to encourage the state health care sector to maintain and develop their hygiene and sanitation. As the implementation gained momentum, a significant development was detected in these sectors. These, coupled with the modern public treatment facilities encouraged people to come to these medical centers.

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