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Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Number Himachal Pradesh

Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Number in Himachal Pradesh (Complain Tollfree number)

The common people of the state may face several problems. But they do not have access to the state government officials to register their complaints. In this regard, the Chief Minister of the state has launched a new scheme to help people get in touch with the government and register their issues. The name of this scheme is Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline and it has been launched in Himachal Pradesh.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Number
Launched in Himachal Pradesh
Launched by Jai Ram Thakur
Date of announcement September 2019
Toll free helpline number 1100
Target beneficiaries Common people of Himachal Pradesh
e-mail ID of the CM cmoffice-hp@gov.in

Key features of the scheme

  1. Bridging the gap between citizens and the government – The state is trying to encourage people to come forward and take a step that will help the state governance. This helpline number will reduce the gap that exists between the people and the authority.
  2. Providing a platform to the people – The helpline number is a new platform that assures the people that the state government will assist them in every way possible. With this helpline, common people need not line up in front of the government offices to register their issues.
  3. Registering the complain – The common people of will get the opportunity to call up on this toll free number. The helpline agent will register their issues, and inform the respective state department.
  4. Taking necessary action – The grievance registration, made directly by the common people of the state, will help the government departments to take prompt action and ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.
  5. Feedback from the citizens – After the government takes necessary action, the helpline agency will be notified by the respective government department. The helpline agency will then call-up the person and acquires a feedback.

How to get the benefits of the scheme?

  1. Dial the helpline number – Any citizen of the state can dial 1100 from their mobile numbers and get connected to the helpline service center. The calls will not be charged.
  2. Talk to the agents – Several helpline agents have been deployed to take these calls. They will listen to what the person has to say.
  3. Recording the issues – In case of any problem, the helpline agents have been instructed to record the issue. The caller will be assigned a unique docket number.
  4. Forwarding the information – It is the responsibility of the helpline agent to forward the issues to the respective government departments.
  5. Paves the path for prompt action – Once the authority gets the information, the officers will take the necessary steps to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible.
  6. Follow-up calls – Once befitting action has been taken by the state government, the helpline executives will bring up the details of the caller with the allocated docket number. They will make a follow-up call. The person who lodged the complaint will be able to offer a feedback.

This is a new system that can help the state government serve the people better. The success of the scheme depends on the cooperation of the authority and the common people. The implementation of this scheme shows that the state government is ready to do all in its power to ensure that the people are happy.

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