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Odisha Doubling Farmers Income Scheme

Odisha Doubling of Farmers Income Scheme 2020 to be Implemented in 3 Phases

The Doubling of Farmers Income Scheme  will be started by Odisha government. The directorate of horticulture is responsible to look after the successful implementation of the scheme. In this, the agricultural and allied sectors will help to implement the scheme. Further, it is known that the scheme will be implemented as part of 5T framework in the state that shall help to improve the condition of the state farmers. Read the following part of the article that shall take you through some other relevant details of the above said scheme. 

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme  Doubling of Farmers Income Scheme 2020
Scheme has been launched in  Odisha 
Scheme has been launched by  Odisha Horticulture department 
Main motive of the scheme  Double farmer’s income improving their condition 
Phases in which scheme will be implemented  The scheme will be implemented in three phases 

Features of the scheme

  • The Doubling of Farmers Income Scheme 2020 has been initiated by the directorate of Horticulture that shall boost the condition of the farmers. 
  • The scheme will be given in three phases and it is considered as part of 5T framework of the Odisha government. Under the 1st phase, 10 districts will be considered that shall represent 10 Agro-climate zones. Adding to this, 10 districts will be there in each of the second and third phase along with the ACZs. 
  • The state government has successfully set the district wise targets for the number of farmers to be included in each phase and the amount of funding to be given to them. 
  • As of the income doubling scheme, a total number of 5910 farmers will be benefited from the above said scheme. The new scheme that comes up will be part of other target scheme and programs that are set both by the state and central government. 
  • The main focus of launching the scheme is to promote cash crops such as banana, hybrid vegetables, papaya, maize, pulses and the like.   
  • The three levels in which the scheme will be nominated are the district, state and the block level farmers so that they can have enough money for the crops and earn a good income from their farming yields. 

Details of the Odisha Doubling farmer’s income 2020

The newly launched scheme will ensure integration of other schemes along with other financial schemes. The other schemes that it includes are listed in the following part of the article. 

  • Excavation of Farm Ponds under MGNREGA
  • Matsya Pokhari Yojana 
  • National Horticulture Mission 
  • Various schemes of NABARD 
  • Rural Backyard Poultry Yojana 
  • Poultry rearing through deep litter system 

The successful implementation of the scheme shall help in accelerating the condition of farmers and for this there must be activation of multi-sectors, multi-departments, multi-stakeholders from the allied sectors and the agricultural sector. However, the assistant and the deputy directors will be responsible to take suitable steps in relation to the successful implementation of the above said scheme. In addition, KISAN credit cards will be given for different agricultural activities as per rules of NABARD.  

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