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Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Dalit in Delhi 2019

Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Dalit Candidates in Delhi 2019-20 [How to Apply, Eligibility, Documents, Registration Form Status, Helpline Toll free Number, Website]

Many students desire to study in foreign universities. They sit for the qualifying examinations after completing their graduation and post-graduation degrees in India. But to study in foreign universities, applicants need high sums of money. It often becomes difficult for the poor and average income families to arrange such massive amounts of cash. Thus, the Delhi AAP government has come forward with a new scholarship scheme for the Dalit students. The Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Dalit Candidates allows meritorious students to get a full scholarship that will be paid by the Delhi government. In this article, you will read about the features, eligibility and application process for this scheme.

Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Dalit Candidates in Delhi
Name of the intended scheme Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Dalit Candidates
Launched in Delhi
Proposed by Arvind Kejriwal
Preliminary announcement made by Rajendra Pal Gautam
Preliminary announcement date August 2019
Launch date of the scheme September 2019
Target beneficiaries Dalit students
Supervised by Education Department of Delhi
Toll free number NA
Website NA

Key features of the scheme

  1. Develops and encourages students – The AAP government wants to upgrade the education system in the state. The launch of this scheme is a step towards this. Apart from this, it encourages meritorious students to work hard and achieve their foreign higher education degrees. As for financial assistance, the Delhi government will pay the money.
  2. Total beneficiaries per year – The minister announced on behalf of the CM that every year, 100 meritorious and eligible Dalit applicants will be selected by the committee for getting this scholarship grant.
  3. Higher academic courses – Students who desires to attain degrees in M.Tech, M.Phil, LLM, PhD and other such higher academic certifications, from foreign universities can apply for the Overseas Scholarship Scheme. The students from all academic streams are welcome to register for the scholarship scheme.
  4. Scholarship for meritorious students – The students must score high marks in the last academic examination and the qualifier exams to prove their merit.
  5. Grant amount offered by government – The AAP government will offer a financial grant of Rs. 10 lakhs to every selected applicant who has been selected for the 2 year course. However, applicants, who attain the opportunity to join 4 year academic courses, will receive Rs. 20 lakhs.

Eligibility for interested applicants

  1. Only the students who live in Delhi – The student must live in Delhi permanently. He/she must be a legal citizen of this area.
  2. Only for Dalit students – The educational development project will allow the Dalit students to apply.
  3. Age requirement – The scheme draft highlights that all interested applicants must not have crossed the 30 years age mark. In that case, their application will be rejected.
  4. Family income criterion – Those applicants, whose family income, during any financial year, crosses the Rs. 8 lakhs threshold, will not be allowed to apply for attaining the scheme grant.
  5. One child for every couple – If a couple has two children, both of whom are eligible for this scheme, then only one of the two kids can apply for this projects.
  6. Must qualify GRE or TOIFEL – It is crucial that the applicant has passed the GRE or TOIFEL examination to ensure that he/she is eligible to study abroad.
  7. Foreign university applicants – The educational development project has been launched for such Dalit students who possess the merit and want to pursue education in foreign universities.
  8. Course tenure related criterion – It has been clearly mentioned in the scheme details that if the applicant is going for an educational course that will last for 2 or 4 years, only then he/she will get the permission to attain the grant.

Documents necessary during application

  1. Domicile documents – Every interested applicant must submit a residential certificate that has been issued by the Delhi Government, highlighting the fact that the student lives in Delhi.
  2. Identification documents – As for identity and background checks, applicants need to furnish copies of their Aadhar and Voter cards.
  3. Age proof – It is essential that the applicant submits a copy of birth certificate or any other official document that supports his/her age claim.
  4. Dalit certificate – As only Dalit candidates will be allowed to partake in this scheme, submission of the Dalit certificate, issued by the government is a must.
  5. Annual family income certificate – If any applicant wants to get the educational grant, then he/she need to attach the yearly family income certificate.
  6. Certificate of the last educational institute – The candidates must attach copies of the admission documents of the last education institute that he/she attended.
  7. Last examination mark sheet – All interested applicants need to produce a photocopy of the mark sheet of the last education institutional exam that he/she sat for.
  8. Overseas education qualification certificate – It is pertinent that the students furnish a copy of their GRE or TOIFEL score card with the application form.
  9. Acceptance letter from foreign universities – Some foreign universities send acceptance letters to candidates who score good marks in the qualifier exams. If any student has already received such an acceptance document, then a copy of that certificate must be submitted.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

The APP government has just launched the Overseas Scholarship Grant Scheme for the students of Delhi. It will take some time for the scheme to roll out officially. Till then, we must wait for the Delhi government and the education department to supply the scheme-related details. The students still are not aware of the application procedure and the registration commencement and end dates. However, the minister in charge of the department has declared that everything will be announced in due time. As this scheme is for overseas education scholarship, many sections expect that the AAP government will soon launch a portal through which candidates can get access to the details of this project. Chances are high that the education department will opt for portal-based registration process.

FAQ for the scheme

  1. Who will fund and implement this scheme?

Ans: The Delhi government is responsible for funding and implementing this project.

  • Can those applicants register who have not cleared the qualifiers?

Ans: No. Only those who have passes TOIFEL and GRE can apply for this grant.

  • What is the course lasts for more than 4 years?

Ans: In that case, the applicants will not attain the money.

  • Who is the head of the selection committee?

Ans: The selection committee will be headed by the Principal Secretary of Delhi ST/SC Welfare Department.

  • Can applicants from any stream apply for this overseas scholarship project?

Ans: Yes! No matter what your selected stream is, if you meet the eligibility criteria, then you can apply for the scholarship scheme.

The Indian education system must be developed by the central and state governments further to ensure that the future generation does not feel the need to take admission in foreign universities. Till then, the respective governments must do everything in their power to support the meritorious applicants. The financial grant will assist the students to fulfill their dreams of acquiring higher education degree from the prestigious foreign universities. Once they finish their course, they can come back and contribute to the holistic development of their motherland.

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