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PANNAI Mobile App Tamil Nadu Download

PANNAI Mobile App Launched By Tamil Nadu Government

A large section of the population of Tamil Nadu depends on agricultural practices. The state government has promised that it will implement new welfare schemes for the betterment of the farmers. Only financial assistance will only offer so much respite to the agricultural workers. The state government has launched a new app that will assist the farmers keep a tab on the farming and weather related phenomenon. The PANNAI Mobile App is the short form for Pest-disease Advance Notification and Need-based Agriculture Information. As the name suggests, the app has been developed to provide pest related notifications to the farmers.

Launch details of the app

Name of the mobile app Pest-disease Advance Notification and Need-based Agriculture Information App or PANNAI Mobile App
Launched in Tamil Nadu
Launched by Edappadi K.Palanisamy
Announced by R B Udhayakumar
Date of announcement 2019 – 2020
Launch date of the app 5th Nov
Target beneficiaries Farmers residing in the area
Link of the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mssrf.farmerapp&hl=en
Supervised by Agricultural & Farmers Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu

Key features of the app

  1. Development of agriculture in the state – It implementation of the application is based on a scientific approach that will enable to farmers to take better care of their produce. Healthy crops will increase their earnings, which will improve the agricultural revenue of the state government.
  2. Making farmers familiar with technology – Most farmers are not well-educated and so, they cannot use technological tools, which can prove beneficial for their crops. Access to the app will make them accustomed to modern developments in the agricultural sectors.
  3. Development of the application – The state government has placed the responsibility of the development of this unique app on the software and app developers, who are associated with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
  4. Geo tagging feature – Automated geo tagging is another benefit that the application offers for the agricultural workers. It will assist the farmer to upload the videos, metadata and videos of the farm via the application.
  5. GIS feature – The app comes with the geographical information system. This feature will assist the farmer to gather the topographical details of the farmland and the surrounding areas via satellite feed.
  6. Weather updates – It is rather challenging for the farmers to predict the changes in the weather. As the application has direct link with the regional weather forecast department, the officials can initiate warning notifications for the agricultural workers.
  7. Effective for costal agro-workers – The agricultural fields, which are located in the coastal areas, need better protection against bad weather and incoming tidal waves. The application will send prior warnings to the farmer about these weather phenomena.
  8. Pest warning system – The smell of the ripe crops attracts pests. These can destroy the standing crops. If the farmer activates this mobile app, then they will get advance notifications, alerting them about pest infestation.
  9. Pest control information – Apart from prior warnings about pests and crop diseases, the application will also highlight the simple ways, which will assist the farmers to safeguard their crops against pest infestation.
  10. FMB feature – FMB stands for Field Measurement Boundary. It is a new feature that has been added in the app. The farmers can type in the land record details in the application, and the app will highlight the actual measurement of the cropping area.

Specifications of the app

The PANNAI Mobile App can be downloaded on any Android phone. The interested user will not have to pay any money to download this application. The size of the PANNAI Mobile App is 51 MB. If the farmers have a mobile that runs on 4.4 Android version or other advanced versions, then the app will be compatible with the gadget. The app will be connected with the central monitoring system of Tamil Nadu. Thus, the users will have instant access to the details, which they require via notifications.

How to download and activate the app?

  1. Official app link – The state government has already launched the official link of the new agricultural app. Applicants can get access to this application by clicking on the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mssrf.farmerapp&hl=en.
  2. Download the app – The Android users can search for the app from the Google Play Store. They can click on the download button to complete the process.
  3. App installation – After the download is complete, the applicants must click on the ‘Install’ option.
  4. App activation – When the app installation is complete, the user must type in the mobile number and the Aadhar code to activate the app.
  5. Explore the dashboard – After the app has been activated, the farmer can get access to the dashboard and click on the various tabs.
  6. Automatic notification activation – Once the app has been activated, the farmers will get automatic notifications on their mobile. These notifications alert them about the bad weather and pest infestation.

The application serves several purposes. The app will help the farmers to acquire land-related details. Apart from this, they will be able to take the necessary precautions to safeguard their crops against bad weather. The implementation of this new app will help the farmers increase their yield and income. It, in turn, helps the state government to get more revenue from the agricultural sector. Thus, the GDP of Tamil Nadu will also increase significantly.

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