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Sahachari Scheme Kerala 2019-2020

Sahachari Scheme Kerala 2020

The Kerala state government has launched the Sahachari scheme for assisting the person with disability problems. The ones with productive career scopes should be offered suitable financial help from the state government. The ones suffering from physical and mental illness are included in the group. The higher authorities are also trying their best to help the children with disabilities so that they can continue with their primary education. Even as per constitutional rights, it is said that CWD should get scope for different sports and creative activities and they should be treated equally. The following part shall take you through some of the vital details of the entitled scheme.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Sahachari
Scheme has been launched in Kerala state government
Scheme has been launched by Chief Minister of Kerala government
Main objective of the scheme Help students with disabilities to get suitable scope for education
Target group of the scheme Disabled person belonging to socially, economically, educationally backward classes of the society

What are the features of the scheme?

  • Main objective of the scheme – The Sahachari scheme has been initiated by Kerala state government for the purpose of helping children with disabilities get suitable financial help. With this, they can pursue primary education and also pursue higher studies.    
  • Encouraging NCC/NSS units – Through successful implementation of the scheme, the NCC/NSS/SPC units will be motivated. It shall further help the units in offering better help to children with disabilities in the schools. The units will help students in education and encourage them to take part in different extra-curricular activities.  
  • Certificates given to the assisting group – The state government will offer certificates to the members working under the NSS/NCC units who have helped the disabled candidates.
  • Amount awarded by department – The department of social justice has been given an amount of rupees 40000 for each district to be given to the NCC/NSs group for helping the disabled candidates.
  • Target candidates of the scheme – The differently-abled candidates who have faced odd situations and scored good marks in degree, professional or PG courses are eligible to enjoy the scheme benefits.   

Eligibility criteria of Sahacharischeme

  • Different categories of a disabled person– Disabled candidates who have faced odds in life can get the scheme benefits.
  • Eligibility of marks and degree courses – Students who have scored high in degree, PG and professional course can apply for the scheme benefits. Students should score 60% marks in Arts, 80% marks in Science and they will get rupees 8000. For this, 10 students in total from each district will be selected to avail the scheme benefits. For the students who score 60% and above in PG courses will be given rupees 10000. This is eligible for one student from one district.     
  • Recognized educational institute–Only students studying in recognized government or aided colleges or any distance education center can avail the scheme benefits. Students from other colleges cannot get the scheme perks. 
  • Students with identical qualifications –If two or more students have the same qualification, the one with highest disability percentage will get preference to avail the scheme benefits.

Documents to be submitted for the scheme

  • Educational certificates – The applicants should produce educational course certificate along with mark sheet to justify that they are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the scheme.
  • Identification proof – As identification proof, the disabled candidates should furnish identification documents like Aadhaar card, voter ID card and the like. As the scheme has been introduced in Kerala, only CWD in the state are eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  • Medical certificate – Suitable medical certificate that is issued by the state medical board should be produced at the time of applying for scheme benefits. By this certificate, the higher authority will be able to know the medical condition of the disabled person and grant him or her scheme perks.
  • Bank details – The beneficiary amount will be directly credited to the linked bank account. Therefore, the bank account details that are attested by Gazette officer should be furnished at the time of registration for the above said scheme.

Details of application procedure for the scheme

The above said is a newly launched scheme in Kerala and so, the state government is yet to come up with the details of the application process. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first to know about it. Also, the portal of the scheme is yet to be launched. By this, the candidate can get the information by visiting the portal of the scheme. However, the NSS/NCC/SPC units will be rewarded for providing help to the disabled candidates in different schools. The units are also responsible to encourage the students take part in different creative and extracurricular activities. 

Thus, after successful launch of the Sahachari scheme, it shall help the differently-abled candidates get suitable help from the state government. With this, they can pursue higher studies.  

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